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Our cranes, winches and A-frames are solidly constructed from durable components. However, due to extensive use and rough conditions, even our equipment needs maintenance occasionally. SCALDON has a well-equipped in-house facility which can cater for everything from minor repairs right through to the complete refurbishment of cranes, winches and A-frames. Being ahead in the latest hydraulic and electrical systems technology, we can not only revive any system but also add new technology to refurbished components ensuring problem-free use for many years to come.

Refurbishment - Scaldon

Spare parts

We keep spare parts in stock for all the cranes and equipment we have supplied in the past. Our service goes even further: we also supply spare parts and provide service if your crane comes from a different manufacturer. Whatever your request, we will deal with it as quickly as possible. If replacing parts requires the supervision of an on-site technician, you can rely on our dedicated service team. They are fully certified for the oil and gas industry (Bosiet 5A/5C) and for the wind sector (fully GWO certified).

CHECK-UPS / Inspections

SCALDON can fully support you when it comes to check-ups and inspections at various stages of your projects. We have a specialised team of trained field engineers available to assist in the maintenance, testing and inspection of your offshore equipment. Every qualified member of our intervention team brings his own expertise, background and knowledge. Our field engineers are fully certified for the oil and gas industry (Bosiet 5A/5C) and they are in possession of complete GWO certification with regard to the wind sector.

Interventions inspections - Scaldon


Loadtesting of hoisting equipment on board of offshore vessels or (fixed) platforms at sea can also be executed by our specialised team of field engineers. SCALDON invests continuously not only in materials but also in training our field engineers to ensure we give you the best possible support in this area. Our field engineers have all the required certifications for the oil and gas industry (Bosiet 5A/5C) and full GWO certification for the wind sector. They are equipped with all the safety apparatus needed to carry out work on site.


The SCALDON engineering team consists of both project leaders and technical designers, combining forces for the design of any type of crane. Our high-end engineering designs are drawn up according to various classification society requirements, and usually also custom-built to meet our clients’ specific needs and demands. Our engineers work with 3D design software through all stages of the project;  from the original drawing which accompanies our initial quotes to the finalisation of the last details just before production.

Hydraulic expertise

SCALDON has extensive experience in the design of high-end hydraulic solutions. Our designated hydraulic engineering team relies on long-term and broad-spectrum experience in the design and delivery of hydraulic systems, based and built on exclusively high-end components. All hydraulic hoses are pressure tested and flushed afterwards ensuring that the hydraulic system we provide our clients is reliable. To ensure a maintenance-free application of the hydraulic components, we make sure that each system we deliver is provided with optimal filtration.

Electrical expertise

In recent years, SCALDON has taken on many inspiring challenges in the field of electrical control systems. As a result, we have gained broad experience in various products and environments, including cranes, winches and several shipboard and industrial applications. Recent developments within the company have reinforced the implementation of the latest state-of-the-art technology. At this point, remote access, control and operation are possible from our main office, basically enabling us to assist the end-user worldwide, 24/7.