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Today’s shipping and offshore industry keeps pushing for higher efficiency and greater reach. Growing your efficiency starts first with improving your range of motion: with both high-end equipment and specialized offshore services, supporting you in crucial stages or tasks. SCALDON BV, based near the harbour of Vlissingen, specializes in high-end (offshore) lifting solutions, such as cranes, A-frames and winches, built on experience but designed around your company’s very needs. If you aim higher, with SCALDON you will reach further.

The brand SCALDON may be relatively new to the market, the people behind it share over a decade of experience in hoisting equipment, as well as design and construction of hydraulic and electrical control systems. Structural parts are produced in house, machining included, and our hydraulic solutions are based on the best components currently available. Then still, we aim higher. In developing our own online control system – based on the latest technology, PLC controlled, with remote access to your crane for maximum safety.

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In the specific area of hose handling equipment, SCALDON has a wide range of different applications available.


SCALDON is widely experienced in the design of fixed and telescopic A-frames, for all kinds of applications, including load handling at sea, such as ploughs, anchors or buoys and geotechnical survey or gathering seismic data. A winch can be delivered with the A-frame with umbilical cord and/or hoisting cable with special features such as Active Heave Compensation (AHC) and Constant tension (CT). To operate the A-frames a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) can be installed in a container on the deck or inboard the vessel.


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