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A fixed boom crane provides you with a robust and low maintenance solution for all kind of applications, such as store cranes, hose handling and offshore platform use. If enough deck space is available to store the crane, a fixed boom is in general the most simple and cost effective solution. SCALDON delivers all sizes of fixed boom cranes up to a fixed boom length of 30 mtr. Our fixed boom cranes have a robust design and components are selected to meet the durability demands in the (extreme) marine environment.

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Hose handling equipment

In the specific area of hose handling equipment, SCALDON has a wide range of different applications available. Our solutions include various types of cranes and beams to handle any kind of hoses in the most efficient as well as safest possible way. Our hose handling equipment is mostly operated through Radio Remote Control (RRC) and powered by a standalone HPU. All hose handling equipment we deliver, is designed and constructed from materials suited for not only demanding coastal areas, but also for the explosion proof environment

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SCALDON is well and widely experienced in the design of fixed and telescopic A-frames, for any kind of application, including load handling (such as plough, anchors or buoys) at sea, geotechnical survey or gathering seismic data. A winch can be delivered with the A-frame with umbilical cord and/or hoisting cable with special feature such as Active Heave Compensation (AHC), Constant tension (CT), etc. To operate the A-frames an applicable Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) can be installed in a container at deck or inboard the vessel.

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Winches are used for hoisting and pulling on cranes, ship decks and platforms. At SCALDON, we custom build a wide range of winches up to 100Ton, according to any class approval such as DNV-GL, LR, ABS, BV. All winches are designed and certified according to the latest European norm EN-13852-1/2, implying Manual Overload Protection System (MOPS), Automatic Overload Protection System (AOPS) and Constant Tension (CT) systems. Our high quality components maximise system safety and reliability, and minimise down time.

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Hydraulic Power Units

To efficiently power our cranes and A-frames, SCALDON designs and builds any type of Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU), after the requirements in your specific situation. Our HPU range varies from HPU’s built into the crane column to standalone diesel driven HPU’s in ATEX execution, and more. For both the design and construction of our HPU’s, we rely on the best hydraulic components currently available in the market, aiming not only at the safest possible use but also a maintenance free use after the HPU is installed.

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