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Fixed boom crane

A fixed boom crane provides you with a robust and low maintenance solution for all kind of applications, such as store cranes, hose handling and offshore platform use. If enough deck space is available to store the crane, a fixed boom is in general the most simple and cost effective solution. SCALDON delivers all sizes of fixed boom cranes up to a fixed boom length of 30 mtr. Our fixed boom cranes have a robust design and components are selected to meet the durability demands in the (extreme) marine environment.

Knuckle boom cranes

The major advantage of a knuckle boom crane lies in the safer lifting operation. The tip of the crane can be operated flexible in order to keep the distance between tip and load as small as possible. A second advantage is the smaller storage length at deck, compared to a fixed boom crane. SCALDON designs and produces any knuckle boom crane for the required (other 2x any) job. Knuckle boom cranes are installed on fixed platform near the quayside, on seagoing vessels for dredge and offshore application and on floating and fixed platforms at sea.

Telescopic boom cranes

If limited deck space is a restrictive issue, generally the this is case on smaller vessels, telescopic boom cranes may offer the preferable lifting solution. At SCALDON, we design, produce and install telescopic boom cranes in fixed or knuckle boom execution, and we have built up an experience with cranes up to an overturning moment of 1.000Tm on the slewing ring. Any crane can be equipped with an integrated Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) in the crane column or with a standalone diesel driven HPU in an “back-pack” mounted container at the back of the column.