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Fixed boom crane

A fixed boom crane offers you a robust, low-maintenance solution for all kinds of applications, such as warehouse cranes, hose handling and offshore platform use. If there is enough deck space to store the crane, a fixed boom is generally the simplest and most cost-effective solution. SCALDON supplies all sizes of fixed boom cranes up to a fixed boom length of 30m. Our fixed boom cranes have a robust design and the components we use are selected to meet the high durability requirements of an extreme marine environment.

Fixed Boom Cranes - Scaldon

Knuckle boom cranes

The great advantage of a knuckle boom crane lies in its safer hoisting action. The tip of the crane offers flexible control, which makes it possible to keep the distance between the tip and the load as small as possible. A second advantage is the smaller storage length on deck, compared to a fixed boom crane. SCALDON produces knuckle boom cranes which are designed according to the client’s specifications and tailor-made to efficiently execute the task in hand. Knuckle boom cranes are often installed on fixed platforms near the quay, on seagoing vessels for dredging and offshore applications and on floating and fixed platforms at sea.

Telescopic boom cranes

When limited deck space is an issue, as is usually the case on smaller vessels, telescopic boom cranes can provide the best lifting solution. At SCALDON, we design, manufacture and install telescopic boom cranes in fixed or articulated versions, and we have experience of constructing cranes with a slewing moment of up to 1,000 Mtr. Each crane can be equipped with an integrated hydraulic power unit (HPU) in the crane column, or with a stand-alone diesel-powered HPU in a ‘back-pack’ mounted container at the rear of the column.